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Dependant on the type of use the rotors can be made as: standard stainless steel trilobes, stainless steel bi-lobes, acteon dual wing rotary piston, gears for Models B100 and B105. The stainless steel tri-lobe rotors (5 lobes for Models B100 and B105) and stainless steel bi-lobes can all be covered with rubber in different compositions. The rotors are inter-changeable and should they need to be replaced it is possible to assemble he same type or different types of rotors, irrespective of their shape or the clearances. After replacing the lobes it will be necessary to control or reset the final tolerances (see Use and Maintenance Manual), and to make the necessary adjustments.




The following types of shaft seal systems are available:

a) lip seal in suitable material

b) stuffing box with gland follewer and PTFE or Kevlar treated rings

c) compact rotary mechanical seals with minimal axial size, pinned stationary part, dimension according to DIN 24960. The available materials are: stainless steel, carbon, tungsten carbide, silicon carbide, ceramic, rulon. Material combinations can be chosen according to the handled fluid. The elastomers (OR) available are: NBR, EPDM, Viton, FEP (PTFE-coated silicon).


All shafts are manufactured from AISI 316 or Duplex sheet stainless steel. The rotors are manufactured from either high quality AISI 316L extruded shaped bar or in special stainless steel anti-seizure alloy (Acteon). The pump body is also manufactured from AISI 316L stainless steel and except for the B100 pump type, which is made from a sheet, all the other pumps are made from the lost wax casting method. It is possible to have certificates of all raw materials for traceability purposes.




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