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Multi-Purpose Weather Proof

Portable LED Floodlights


Portable lighting solutions for:


·         Site & Construction Lighting         

·                     Emergency & Rescue Services

·         Local Authorities & Municipal Councils

·                     Rail     way & Airport Maintenance

·         Highway & Roadworks Maintenance

·                     Car Mechanics & Workshops

·         Off Shore Industries

·                     Studio Photography

·         Law enforcement (roadblocks, etc)

·                     Security & Perimeter Surveillance


 Lower energy costs – reduces power consumption between 40% to 70% (depending on application and types of lamp replaced)

 • Lower “total costs of ownership” – lower maintenance as LED lifetime is > 50k hours; reduction on lamp maintenance and light degradation

 • Rechargeable Power - Rechargeable Lithium battery pack removes the need to have direct access to AC power; provides true lightingmobility (optional)

 • Brighter, clearer, “flicker-free” – LED produces “white” light (closer to daylight), reflectingnatural colors of objects and provide better visual identification and clarity


Designed for Portability and Mobility

iuvolux OD-M series


Quality, portable, weather-proof energy efficient lighting solution. The OD56P series is the latest addition to the range of iuvolux’s portable LED floodlights. The OD56P is a multi-purpose weatherproof floodlight solution that is designed with application flexibility, quality and portability in mind.

The OD56P series can be rapidly deployed for a variety of applications (emergency and rescue services, construction & roadwork, off-shores industries, site maintenance, law enforcement roadblocks, studio photography, etc).

Designed to be weather-proof – IP66 tested – the dual-LED module accepts a universal input range of 100—260VAC Power or 12VDC input power (depending on customer requirements) producing a light output of 6,720 lumens. The LED driver housing is made from epoxy powder coated steel and the LED modules are made from epoxy coated aluminum alloy to ensure it remains rust free, dust/water proofed, yet light in weight – robustly designed to endure outdoor usage. The OD56P can provide

25° (spotlight), 45° (focused) or broad spread light beam patterns depending on application. It comes with a 10ft retractable telescopic aluminum tripod and a swivel head that allows the LED modules to be angled horizontally or vertically to provide wider coverage.

An optional 12VDC lithium battery pack ( for either 6 or 12 hours operations) can be purchased with the OD56P. The lithium battery technology affords in excess of 3000 charging cycles without significant impact on its battery autonomy and comes with it own LED battery status indicators when the battery is low and of fully charged.


·          *High-Power LEDs

·          *50,000 hours rated lifetime for LEDs

·          *2, 6 or 12 hours Li-Ion battery autonomy

·          *Tough and durable construction

·          *Height adjustable from 1.0m to 3m

·          *Total Weight : 3.8kg (LED lamp) ~15kg (Battery Pack)


The LED modules are manufactured to ensure the

best performance (brightness) to watt-ratio not

easily afforded by other makes. It truly combines

the best LED lighting and design technology for

outdoor portable applications.


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