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KV series vertical in line pumps feature an optimized design that has evolved through years of experience and thousand of proven installation with our K+ series horizontal pump. KV can tackle your toughest vertical in-line challenges, yet the innovative design is remarkably simple providing long lasting, heavy duty performance that’s problem free.

Sealles, Mag-Drive Coupling

The magnetically coupled design provides sealles operation eliminating both leaks and seal maintenance costs. Constructed with first class materials throughout, KV pumps provide long-lasting, heavy duty performance with very low maintenance cost.


 The KV is a vertical non-metallic magnet drive centrifugal pump with Flows to 325gpm (74m³/hr) and Heads to 325ft (99m)

The model KV is a vertical non-metallic magnet drive centrifugal pump.

- Flows to: 325 GPM (74 m³/hr)
- TDH: 325 Ft. (99m)

With ANSI compliant dimensions the KV is ideal for corrosive/acidic applications in the CPI, Specialty Chemical, and Steel industries.



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