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At Price® Pump, we back our products with the kind of prompt and efficient service you expect from a leading pump supplier. Our expert technical personnel provide timely and accurate information on the performance and availability of every Price® pump. We can help you select the right pump for a unique application, and often suggest alternatives which improve pump performance and save you money. Pump modifications and expedited deliveries are our specialty. Price® Pump Company supplies AOD® pumps for O.E.M., agricultural, chemical, pollution control, waste and water treatment, and many other industrial applications. Our pumps are suitable for liquids ranging from water, oils, solvents and chemicals to strong acid or alkaline solutions. Our AOD® pumps also handle a wide range of viscous fluids. Every Price® pump is built to deliver extended, trouble-free performance under the most punishing industrial conditions. We use only the highest quality parts and materials. Our pumps are manufactured with sophisticated production equipment and subjected to exacting quality control procedures. We invite you to compare our prices and our quality the next time you need a reliable AOD® pump.


Our state-of-the-art “posi-shift” air valve design insures reliable stall-free operation in all types of low pressure and troublesome start/stop applications. Regardless of the application or the conditions of service, users can operate with confidence, knowing that their will start reliably.


Widest performance envelope operates on as low as 5 PSI (.35 kg/cm2) and as slow as 1 GPH (3.5 liter/hr).

Bulk transfer applications—even dry powder can be handled efficiently.

Confidence in start/stop batching applications.

Confidence for “on-demand” dispensing systems.

Viscous liquids, paint and inks are effectively handled.

OEMs safeguard their reputation with AOD®. We’ll be here to insure the after sales service we promise.

Excellent on low flow chemical injection systems.






 Metallic AOD® Pumps

Price Pump Co. AOD® pumps have distinct design advantages that make them very versatile and cost effective. Technical information and specifications are shown in the tables and on the typical, dimensional outline drawing. The performance shown reflects an average performance for all metallurgies and all elastomers including Teflon®.


Non-metallic, oil-less, stall-free, non-icing design means top performance–year after year.

Dual air connections accommodate air from either side of the air valve for installation versatility and convenience.

Dual mufflers provide “whisperquiet” performance.

Fully engaged, plastic mated surfaces prevent stress failure due to over torquing of bolts.

Single piece, end ported suction and discharge manifolds eliminate potential leak paths.



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