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Standard Lobe Pumps in AISI 316 stainless steel are assembled on a cast iron gear box which has a protective coating in epoxy paint finish. The chamber separating the rotor case and gear box enables the fitting of balanced compact reversible mechanical seals, avoiding the contamination between the pumped fluid and the gearbox lubricant. The base of the gearbox is designed to make installation easier for connecting into horizontal and vertical pipelines. The OMAC Lobe Pump is modular in design allowing the main parts such as the rotor and seals, to be changed quickly and easily.


Quality and high precision working is obtained through having compact and rigid mechanical parts including double conical roller bearings, shafts and oversized gears running in an oil bath within the gearbox. This is to obtain smaller tolerances as the rotors do not have any contact points. This ensures a good pump performance and reliability is obtained. In the Rotary Lobe pumps the rotors rotate in an opposite direction without contact with each other. Thanks to this characteristic the metal parts do not wear and contaminate the product and there is also no damage to the product. The Lobe pumps are also suitable for handling abrasive products. The transmission movement from the motor drive shaft to the driven shaft is made by double high precision gears. The timing device is simple and accessible – one gear is fixed and the other gear mounted on the bush is adjustable.



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