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About The Company

Here at iuvolux we are passionate about LED lights - the next generation of lighting. We work with you, whether you are a developer working on a multimillion project, a commercial property or factory owner, or the government and the media seeking a better way to light up the city.

Our entire operation is dedicated to infuse cutting edge engineering, thoughtful design with the ultimate aim of delivering higher performance in lighting (and doing our bit to heal the world.)

iuvolux's lights are designed to the highest engineering specifications to be modular and flexible, enabling us to cater for a wide range of capacity and functionality requirements. Our products are also highly durable, and proven to work in the harshest environment, from cold room application to the scorching heat outdoors.

The strength of iuvolux lies upon its people who are individuals with in-depth expertise and thought leadership in the lighting industry. But we're not mere engineering geeks – we have a broad knowledge of business issues too and are committed to help you with improved performance and bottom line economics. Our people are known for their highly collaborative, team-oriented approach to working with our clients and partners alike.




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