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Structure characteristics  and advantages of BOSP-F model series sanitary pump:

·         The impeller is designed as open type impeller, which deepens the inlet cavity of impeller, enhance the inlet feature of pumps and avoid cavitations, with sanitary mirror polishing.

·         The impeller and shaft are designed as taper matching, and locking nut is provided with seal to prevent the liquid from entering the shaft sleeve and thread, or else, dead corner will produced

·         The mechanical seal is so designed that there is no bolt and spring contacting materials, which can be thoroughly cleaned without any pollution

·         The pump body is provided with drain valve to discharge residual liquid so as to grantee there is no dead corner.

·         Materials: the liquid passing parts can be made of 316 or 304. The roughness after the mirror polishing

·         The parts and connection that the liquid will pass must be cleaned and there shall have no residuals after cleaning and sterilization, so as to realize the sanitary and aseptic conception in a real sense.