About Us

What we do

ABC Commodities deals with the supply, installation and servicing of boiler unit and boiler accessory equipment.

Supply of various solids and liquids handling system

ABC commodities supply and apply castable and moldable refractory for high temperature application.

Supply of various manufacturing equipment.

Who we are


ABC Commodities Corporation carried Mt Savage refractories during our humble beginning, and incorporating other high-quality industrial and sanitary equipment and materials as time goes by. To date, ABC Commodities Corporation is also providing high quality Engineering services.

For over 30 years, ABC COMMODITIES CORPORATION has been exclusively distributing high quality industrial and sanitary equipment and materials – pumps, mixers and agitators, and boilers. We, ABC Commodities Corporation, are committed to provide high quality products and services.

ABC Commodities Corporation maintains its quality of service, trusted by most of the countries top leading companies. 


ABC Commodities pioneered in using castable refractories in the fabrication of throat tile in Boiler Burner instead of the traditional silicone carbide materials. This greatly reduces cost while maintaining the quality of the refractory.

What we are now

ABC Commodities Corporation Supplies and Install the following now;

Mt. Savage Refractory

USA 1988

Hidrostal Solids Handling Pumps

Switzerland 1980

Superior Boiler Products

USA 2006

BFS Pressurized Condensate Tank

USA 2010

Omac Lobe Pump

Italy 2008

Price Pump

USA 2006

Mehrer Piston Type Gas compressor

Germany 2012

BOAO pumps

China 2008

Donjoy Pumps

China 2010

Suncome Roll Up Doors

China 2013