Brands We Carry

Ansimag Chemical
Resistant Sealless Magnetic Drive Pump

offers reliable and safe pumps
for chemical processing

Boao Stainless Steel Centrifugal Pump

meets the highest
requirements for use in the
food processing

Goole Industrial Fluid
and Steam Valves

esoteric to provide
high quality and perfect
fluid control solutions

Hidrostal Screw Impeller
Non-clog Pumps

are design and deliver
innovative pump solutions

Nord Geared Motor

provides a powerful, robust, flexible and modular electric motor.

Omac Sanitary Positive Displacement Lobe Pump

designed to meet the
needs to transfer multitude
of products

Price Air-operated
Diaphragm and
Centrifugal Pump

handles the widest variety
of fluids

Samsan Metering Pump
and Water Quality

serves as the most suitable
and cost effective
metering pump

Sensus Hot and Cold
Water Meter

has a complete range of
products that help build intelligence into every point


Hi Quality and Trusted by many. PVC High Speed Roll Up doors

Superior Dryback and
Wetback Steam Boiler

are markedly more efficient
than traditional large boilers.

Yuanda Coal and
Biomass Boiler

are all tailor-made to meet
your requirements and to provide the quality your business deserves.