Engineered Wastewater Pumps

Beford Pumps is a Hidrostal company that manufactures a variety of Heavy Duty Dry Install Wastewater Pumps, Submersible & Immersible Wastewater Pumps and Submersible Axial Flow pumps for wastewater and flood control.

This range features a more traditional wastewater design that features a shrouded, mulit vane impeller and is available in either a Dry-Pit/Bearing Frame design with mutliple instalation configuration in either a horizontal or vertical position.  These hydrualics are also available in either Wet Well/Submersible or Dry-Pit/Immersible type featuring motors by Bedford Pumps.

Materials of construction are standard cast iron, but we have great flexibility to provide alternate materials to meet your specification.

  • Solids handling
  • Viscous pumping
  • Delicate handling
  • Low shear pumping
  • High efficiency operation

The impeller has a single spiral vane having large open passages and an extended turn from the axial to the radial direction.

These features give a combination of characteristics not found in any other type of pump, namely:

  • Extremely steep and stable curve
  • High efficiencies
  • Non-overloading power curve
  • Low NPSH
  • Non-clog pumping

The term “Non-Clog” has almost become a punchline in the pumping industry.  Traditional wastewater pumps are actually classified as “Non-Clog”, but ask any operator or pump mechanic if their “Non-Clog” pumps clog!  The Hidrostal design takes solids handling operation to the next level, where clogging & blockages are a thing of the past.  The Hidrostal is not a traditional non-clog pump, but actually a hybrid that utilizes the best features of a positive displacement type screw pump – crossed with a single vane centrifugal pump.  This combination provides an unmatched performance of effectiveness & efficiency. 


Submersible/Immersible Units include these features:

*Mechanical Seals- Dual mounted within a fluid filled barriar chamber that provides lubrication and allows early warning detection of moisture intrusion.

*Bearings- Pre-lubricated, heavy duty, angular contact thrust bearings & deep groove ball journal bearings designed for maximum life.

*Sensors-Themal overload thermistors imbedded into motor windings.  Moisture detection sensors are mount into seal chamber.  Additional bearing temp probes or other options are available.

*Wear Rings-Both impeller and pump casing include wear rings to extend life and maintain maximum performance.

*Impeller-High efficiency shrouded, multi vane impeller capable of handling solids and fibrous materials. Impellers are both statically and dynamically balanced to minimize loads and imbalance.

*Motor Cooling-Immersible motors feature a circulated oil bath.  An internal impeller allows cooling fluid to pass a heat exchange are circuate around motor.  This is a closed circulation system that does not utilize the pumped media directly.