PH / ORP Controller

Condensed in a compact DIN size(96×96㎜), versatile functions provide more simplicity in operation and more efficiency in performance, in addition to accurate monitoring results. With the appropriate sensors and accessaries, SAMSAN CONTROLLER can serve as the most suitable and cost effective monitoring system to meet process, water and control applications.


1. With microprocessor control functions and design of one touch button, you can get more effective, reliable data and very simple setting.

2. Designed for using out-put of signal and alarm (DC 4-20㎃ or 1~5V and others).

3. With 3 or 4Digit Digital Display, Reading & Setting are very simple by appearance of each message.

4. Isolator is equipped for transmission of stable data with isolated DC4~20㎷, 1~5V output and you can connect with personal computer and data logger directly.

5. Designed to set high and low alarm for controlling of water quality in process, waste water and your applications.

6. Equipped with Automatic Temperature Compensation for more accurate monitoring results and appearance.

7. DIN (96×96㎜)size for simple installation and maintenance.

8. Equipped with power switch for protection of controller by ON/OFF of power supply while setting or A/S.

9. Equipped with EEPROM, SAMSAN CONTROLLER can hold all set values of preset parameters while power is OFF and when power become ON, they can continue to measure and monitor with all values set before.