Modern Workhouse High Speed PVC Rolling Doors Aluminum Frame Work On Machine

Product Name:High Speed PVC DoorApplication:Using For Outside And Safe Application
Thickness Of Curtain:1.5mm Weaved FabricAmbient Temperature:≥0 ℃
Opening Speed:1.5m/sClosing Speed:1.0m/s
Standard Frame:304 Stainless SteelModel:Inside Door

Light Barrier Smooth Operating High Speed PVC Rolling Doors Aluminum Frame Work On Machine

In the logistics process of the protection of the production environment and safety or the passageway in the
modern workhouse and architecture, H-1500 high speed door is the best solution to meet the demand.

  • Smooth operating during the whole processing.
  • More durable used by more  thicker curtain weaven fiber .
  • Elegent appreance.

Curtain Color

Grey, White,Red

Anti wind bar

No anti wind bar

Power supply

AC 220V-240V, Single-Three Phrase, 50HZ


 -7 to 65 Celsius degree

Normal Working

 -5 to 65 Celsius degree

Standard Motor Position


Installation Base

 Concrete,Panel, Brick,Steel Structure.

Installation Space

≥600mm above the door
≥600mm for motor side
≥200mm for non-motor side
≥800mm in front of the door

Using Area

For Production Line


Technical Parameter for speed door

Max Size:3500mm(W)*3500mm(H)

Opening Speed:1.5m/s

Closing Speed:1.0m/s

Wind load Max:10m/s


Mechanical Unit

Frame:304 Stainless Steel/Aluminum

Thickness of frame:2.0mm Stainless Steel/Galvanized Steel

Thickness of shaft cover:1.5mm 304 Stainless Steel/Galvanized Steel

Motor cover:Yes

Frame Size:100mm*60mm


Control Unit

Control system

  • S150 FU Micro-processor
  • English Man-Machine Interface
  • Self Trouble-Shooting Recognizing system
  • Bigger LED Screen

Control Box Size:320 X 400 X 210 mm


Driving System

Feature:Absolutely Encoder

Driving Unit Brand:ABB Motor / Yaskawa Frequent Convert


Activation System

Open and Close the door:

  • Radar
  • Induction Loop
  • Remote
  • Card Sensor
  • Pull Cord
  • Push Button
  • Touching Panel for Cleaning Room
  • Central-Computer Controlling

Safety System

Safe Equipment:

  • Beep
  • Anti-wind Bar
  • Traffic Light
  • Wireless safety Edge
  • Built-in Photo Cell
  • Emergency Handle
  • Shoulder Protection