Featured Product: DIN Standard Bellow Sealed Globe Valve​ by Goole

Leakage at various points in pipelines found in chemical plants creates emissions. Such leakage points can be detected using various methods and instruments and should be noted by the plant engineer. Critical leakage points include flanged gasket joints and the Valve/pump gland packing, etc.

DIN Standard Bellow Sealed globe valve ( Os & Y Type ) is applied to various kinds of working conditions of pipelines such as petroleum, chemical industry, pharmacy, fertilizer, and power industry, etc, under nominal pressure in the PN1.6-40 MPa and operating temperature at -20 – 350℃, that is used to cut off or connected to the pipeline medium.

DIN is one of the flagship brands we carry in terms of Valves. Trusted by Multinational and National companies here in the Philippines, we cater to their needs when it comes to pipeline concerns.

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