The Power of Parallel Pumping

Parallel pumping has emerged as one method of improving efficiency in pumping systems with higher control heads. With the advent of sensorless pump control technology, hydronic systems can be optimized for maximum system efficiency.     

In a parallel pumping system, the controller makes decisions dynamically based on what the current flow and head requirements show.

While variable speed control in a parallel pumping system can increase efficiency and reduce costs, adding sensorless control technology to the pump staging process creates a solution that combines high efficiency, backup capacity and potential savings on space and initial investment.

In an environment where partial loading is the norm, optimizing system performance is not as simple as optimizing pump performance at a single duty point. The entire profile of the pump’s efficiency at varying flows and speeds must be considered. In a parallel pumping environment, this makes selection and staging strategies even more complex. Technology helps reach these solutions more easily, and parallel pump controllers with the best efficiency staging capability pay dividends.

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